Are you a young person who wants to take control of your diet, or find out which foods are healthy and how you can make a delicious meal? Or are you a young carer who wants to build supportive relationships with others in a similar situation?

Over the last decade we have worked closely with youth clubs, schools and other organisations to provide educational materials, hands-on cooking classes and pop-up activities at events.

If you think we could help you too, please get in touch.

Simon's Story

Simon’s sister has severe learning difficulties. He helps to care for her and does not get a lot of attention at home himself. He has issues with friendship groups and authority.

He said he hated cooking but came to our young carers’ hands-on cooking sessions every month, even although he would not normally get involved in activities.

He took a photo of the food he had cooked, shared it with his teacher at school and, as a result, received positive class points for the first time ever. He now wants to be a chef when he is older.

Until then, Simon can enjoy using his new-found skills creating healthy and delicious meals for himself and his family.

Simon's Story